Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey, Chicks. We enjoyed the Cornucopia of Doom's thoughtful questions about Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now. As usual, the conversation was far-ranging, from lockjaw to goats confused with dogs to love. It was generally agreed that HILN was a hit, even if the writing style took some getting used to (no quotation marks, which must make my old English teacher spin in her grave). The cousin thing was also a little tricky/icky, depending.
We meet next on December 14 to discuss Natasha Friend's Perfect. If you have not returned HILN, please do so ASAP. Also, if you finish Perfect early, please get it back to me in the library. We're short copies this month, and I need a copy to read too. Read fast. :) Our December meetings are usually holidayish, so there probably will be a gift or two involved. Have a great Thanksgiving. See you soon!

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Barbara L. said...

In HILN, did you notice when proper punctuation began (at the end or the book) and the significance of the transition? I thought it was subtle but very cool.