Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Farewell to Marina and Brittany!

On behalf of Chicklitters everywhere, I want to thank our "senior co-captains" for doing an amazing job ! Both Brittany and Marina had great insight into the books we read, asked pertinent questions, and were a total joy to join us in the group. They will be missed, but are going on to fabulous things on both oceans! XXOO and and thanks to them both!

I also want to thank Mrs. Deraps for being a perfect partner. All the staff and students who belonged are a huge asset to Mt. Blue High School, and I looked forward to every Monday meeting. I hope you all will join us next fall for more reading adventures. Invite a friend.

And so far, I have not decapitated my "star angel." She's presiding over my desk at home. Thanks again for a fabulous year. Have a super summer!