Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lucky 13!

Finally! We have Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher to read for our April 27 meeting (the first day we're back from vacation). Here's what it says on the book jacket: "Very clever premise, strong voice, perfect suspense. This one will keep you reading. Jay Asher is a fine storyteller."~Chris Crutcher

Please see me in the library after 10:30 AM if you need a copy. And remember we always have more chicks than books, so if you can, read fast so we can share.

We celebrated Mrs. Deraps' birthday and had some excellent questions and discussion (and great pink cupcakes!) about Side Effects at our second March meeting.

A gentle reminder---if you are one of the few who still have copies of any of the Mainely Girls' books that you've forgotten to return, please get them to me ASAP. You know who you are!

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