Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pucker Questions/Comments

Feel free to post your comments on Pucker by Melanie Gideon. Is there anything special you want us to discuss on December 17? Was this book a hit or a miss?

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Lori Lewis said...

I really liked readig Pucker - I liked the sci fi additions (a favorite genre) and I also liked the fact that the main character was far from perfect...made him more believeable. I didn't like the ending, though - it seemed too contrived. Why could his mother survive WITH her skin restored, but what would happen to the new Maker (I forget her name) WITHOUT a skin on Earth? And it was not believeable to me that his father would commit suicide, knowing the family would suffer. And why did HE die, but not the mother, when they lost their skins? Lots of loose ends - but I still liked the book -- Lori Lewis